On June 18, 2022, Vina One Steel organised the first medical examination for all officers and employees under authority at the instruction of the Board of Directors in order to ensure health and safety at work.

Vina One Steel management constantly take great care to arrange yearly health examinations for every employee because they recognize the value of human resources and their wellbeing. It serves to safeguard and constantly enhance employees’ well being as well as to raise their spirits and commitment to Vina One Steel’s growth.

Employees can detect health issues early for prompt treatment, peace of mind for work, and increased productivity through routine health checkups.

Employees tested for blood count, chest X-ray,…
Employees tested for blood count, chest X-ray,…

During the initial health examination, employees received X-rays for diagnosis and screening as well as blood samples for testing.

X-rays are used to assess the health of employee

Through periodic health checks, all employees of the company have a good understanding of their health situation, thereby adjusting their nutrition, living, and working habits appropriately to improve work efficiency and take care of their health.

Based on the test findings from the initial examination, Vina One Steel will continue to schedule the second medical examination for employees in the near future in order to provide treatment and health restoration options, officials and employees who have had COVID -19 will be taken into consideration and the level of body damage will be investigated.