On November 2, the National Brand Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, held a ceremony to honor 172 enterprises and 325 products that have been designated as Vietnam National Brands in 2022. Moreover, Vina One Steel has now been listed three times in a row as one of the top-performing, highly regarded, and generally recognized manufacturers in the nation.

Vina One Steel was honored at the product announcement ceremony of the National Brand in 2022.

Attending the ceremony was the presence of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, heads of Ministries and Central Government agencies, provincial leaders, and representatives of enterprises whose products are recognized as Vietnam’s National Brand.

Vietnam National Brand is a long-term trade promotion campaign of the Government with the subject ” Creating the future ” to construct and promote the national brand through product brands. The program serves as the foundation for businesses to thoroughly assess their operations, financial performance, and branding strategies using a set of standards that take into account their capacity for quality, innovation, and ground-breaking work as well as their contribution to the State budget, effective CSR implementation, and sustainable development in conjunction with environmental protection.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh addressed the audience during the occasion and praised the 172 businesses and goods that had been recognized. Since this is a national asset as well, developing a strong national brand needs significant work from the entire system, especially businesses. The Prime Minister highlighted the value of creating national brands and emphasized that doing so required a lot of work from all spheres of politics, particularly the business community.

The National Brand Program has helped to elevate the national brand and elevate Vietnam to the top of the list of nations with strong corporations, the prime minister emphasized, along with the development and reinforcement of the reputation of Vietnamese goods and businesses.

According to the organizing committee, 172 businesses that won the National Brand in 2022 had impressive financial outcomes, contributing close to 129,000 billion VND to the state budget in 2021, creating jobs, providing income for close to 600,000 employees, and exhibiting strong social responsibility.

After more than 9 months of launch and selection, Vina One Steel was voted into the National Brand Program in 2022 with 4 product groups including steel pipe, steel sections, color-coated steel sheet, galvanized steel. These goods are typical examples of Vietnamese Brand items that fully comply with the Vietnam National Brand Program’s requirements. Every step of the production process for Vina One Steel’s products strictly complies with national and international standards, resulting in high-quality, high-value goods that are also sustainable for society.

Vina One Steel achieved the National Brand Award 3 consecutive times

Global value chains and industrial networks are becoming more and more integrated on a global scale in the economic context. The title of Vietnam National Brand is one of the subjects to considerably support firms in marketing the image and national brand to the world, increasing the brand’s position as “made in Vietnam”.

The achievement of the designation “National Brand” is the outcome of efforts, and Vina One Steel will keep up its performance going forward.