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Vina One Steel: Build A Bridge - Trip to Mang Thit commune

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On 4, December 2016, Vina One team made a trip to Nhon Phu commune, Mang Thit district, Long An province to attend an inauguration ceremony of Chuoi Nuoc bridge. On the way we came there we had to go through many rivers, cause our car can not approach into the commune, so a boat took us there.


Strange things we mostly saw here are abandoned brickyards, a few years ago, making bricks was a traditional career of people here, but now they are no longer interested in this career anymore. Because their manual producing method can not compete with modern technology methods of companies. So they had left the hometown and move to cities to look for opportunities.


All of us brought along the deep affection of our leadership to Mang Thit where people were waiting for us. The life here is still difficult and this place has an underdeveloped economy. Mang Thit has a broken bridge, it will be dangerous when people move on the bridge at night, especially little students they have to use the bridge to go to the school every day.

An important reason that we were here today is we will cooporate with Nam Phuong Foundation to build a new bridge for Mang Thit, the bridge will be replaced with the old broken one.


Some information about the new bridge

  • Dimension: 31m x 2.5m
  • Cost: $35.000.
  • Traffic volume: 300 volumes/day


Chuoi Nuoc bridge before rebuild

Chuoi Nuoc bridge before rebuild

According to Ms. Que, who is a Commune official said Mang Phu is one of the poorest places in the district, total nearly 300 families are poor in this commune. And the bridge is too old and dangerous for people and students if a father wants to take his son to the hospital at night, he has to go through the bridge, that’s why the bridge needs to immediately rebuild. Our team just made a trial on the old bridge, it is truly fearful, we can feel each bridge’s beat under the foot.


To multiply this happiness, Vina One Steel brought one hundred small gifts to present for students and farmers. Fifty gifts for students who have had a good score at the school and the rest is for farmers who are especially troublesome in life. They were not big gifts but they express our company’ heart, Vina One Steel always wants to bring the best things to the society and community.


Vina One Steel gives presents for good students in Mang Thit

Vina One Steel gives presents for good students in Mang Thit


Vina One Steel gives presents for people in Mang Thit

Vina One Steel gives presents for people in Mang Thit

Our trip accomplishes by a good result, we took photos to save nice moments and say goodbye to people. We will see them again when the bridge is completed after three months of building.

team Vina One selfie after finishing the event

Team Vina One selfies after finishing the ceremony

All memories and feeling of the trip were kept in our mind, they are mixed feeling, both happiness, and sadness. The happiness cause people here have a new bridge and the sadness cause we cannot afford to build all broken bridges at this time.


“Forming tomorrow”, building more bridges, helping more people are our target. Vina One Steel is constantly trying, hard working, developing to achieve our goals. When we have more condition, we will build all bridges at poor villages.


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