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Things To Consider During Steel Structural Installation

The installation of steel structures and framing is often associated with overhead work as well as the possibility of a crash. Amount of casualties of the instalation of steel structures is  the highest compared with all construction work.
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Cause the working time at the construction site is relatively short, so scaffolds are rarely used. Many workers are subjective and too confident in their safety, they carry out works in dangerous situations.

1. Make a design

Workers must be aware of the safety policy before undertaking Installation of steel structure. Safety issues must be attended at the beginning. Architects must experience the work and understand the issues related to structural steel installation such as joint location, the ability to reach the joint, the fixed working platform, the related load the lifting capacity of the crane, etc. The architects must provide sufficient information to the contractor to ensure structural stability during the construction process. In contrast, the contractor must set up an installation plan and it must be approved by the architects. The safety execution plan must address the difficulties and risks that may affect the installation process.


2. Supervision

Providers and installers often belong to different companies, it is important to have supervisors of the principal contractor at the work to ensure everything is implemented like the plan. 


3. Preparation

The installation usually takes place from the first stage of the project, before the site is clean and tidy layout; materials on the site are still sprawled or moved messily. This makes difficult for passersby, vehicles and lifting machines. To facilitate a good movement for these vehicles as well as for scaffold tower or mobile scaffold tower, the priority should be given to the pre-concrete construction of the base. It also created a clean and tidy site. It is necessary to arrange the material storehouse so that the vehicle or the forklift can be easily accessible without fear of collision.


It is necessary to indicate the weight of the lifting things, marking the points that can be routed to the crane to facilitate the operation of the lifting machines, the workers or the crane. If conditions permit, attach the handles to the lifting device.

Always keep a watchful eye on weather forecasts for adaptive work plans. Be aware of strong winds, do not use the crane or allow workers to work on steel frames or on wet surfaces.


Pin positioning plays a very important role but is often underestimated. Only negligence in positioning, alignment, and balance will lead to instability in the installation. Need to check thoroughly before starting work. At the start of construction, bolts should be inserted into the heavy loads and reinforced to prevent collapsing buildings. Many collapsed problems are caused by the lack of support or movement of the work from the equilibrium position in the architecture design. In the plan, number of people, columns, lanyards or floating objects shall be calculated.


When installed by crane, always remember to attach two handles at the ends of the steel frame. Workers who instruct the location to place the steel frame will use these handles and must be at least 5 meters away from the landing position.


Points to remember:

  • Reducing the number of bolts at joints to save time is a dangerous action.
  • Does not work when there is strong wind or on wet texture.


4. Vehicles up and down at the work

Dangerous operations such as climbing the bare steel bar, walking on the beam, sitting on either side of the beam ... are often caused. In general, there is no technical or practical difficulty preventing the installer on the facility from using the facilities to support his work. In most cases, the work is planned, and the work site is designed to be started from the ground, then gradually raised to the parts and then moved to another location by a forklift. It is usually advisable to install a ladder before installing the steel structure to assist with the climb. It is necessary to fasten the ladder to the steel frame to avoid danger to the person standing on it when the ladder moves, such as moving the ladder by the crane after being tied.


The design of the project must be calculated in such a way that it can provide sufficient means of travel between the locations on the steel frame such as stairs and paths with guardrails. The priority is to design a temporary walkway with long stairs or steel bridges. If applied at the height of over 6m (equivalent to two floors),

Installation of steel structure involves a lot of handling, material handling by hand. These operations can cause spinal injuries or limb injuries if workers are not adequately trained or do not use appropriate labor protection equipment.




Use safety belts and protective equipment and various hooks on the insurance


Safety net for the installer in the event of a fall 


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