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We all know that steel connects things in our life, make things credible like architecture, automobiles. Steel is a part of our day for a long time. We can not deny the crucial role of steel in the development ò the sustainable society.

Steel contributes an important place in supporting buildings skyscrapers, roads, rail, energy infrastructure, vehicle...Steel does not only contribute to making great things but it also directly makes amazing things.

Lively, flexible, subtle things are created from simple and small wire of steel. It creates the art. 

The steel without feeling has blown an emotion into it. It becomes a masterpiece that makes people admire and say Wow 

I have collected unforgettable artworks that you can enjoy.


A small wire has an ability to sculpt incredibly. It can create muscular to show it's strength. It also can wear a fragile beauty to make people melt. It doesn't sound difficult to understand that artists find steel material to compose things for the life. In the image is a fairy is dancing with the danelion. 


Another artwork has the same topic

A deer makes from a ton of triangular wire steels 


The artwork with a name " angle" makes people excited

A dog is created from tens of thousands of tons of small mesh steel 



Impressed is made from millions of straight, small pice of steel


A modern and beautiful woman is made from steel  

The moon is in the forest, it through the foliage makes us interested  


A soft lion is created from the steel   


An ancient bonsai is made from steel 



Another artwork about a woman is made from wire of steel 


 A lively bear and cuckoo is made from mesh steel  


A horse is portrayed in detail by black wire steel    


Very simple but impressed 


Ants is created by wire of steel  


High heels is created from barbed steel 


Fierce octopus is created by steel  

Source: Boredpanda

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